Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Restyling Stylista

I really enjoy reading all of the recaps, interviews and articles about Stylista but the more I read the more I realize that this show is a bomb. It seems that no one really "loves" it. Oh sure, it's fun to mock the contestants and make fun of Anne's walk, but any genuine admiration for the show is completely absent.

So, what is wrong with Stylista... and how would you fix it?

Okay, I'll start...

Let's begin with Anne Slowey. Oh Anne, I had such high hopes. You are so darned interesting, why not let your true self shine through? Why are you reading those fakey scripted lines? If you really go to work in leggings and a tank top then why are you dressed so uncomfortably for Stylista? And those ridiculously-high shoes! I wonder how many trips and stumbles ended up on the cutting room floor....

theminx says: There's an idea for a challenge - ask the contestants to walk in Anne's shoes.

Your voiceover recap at the start of each episode is awful. Your delivery is painfully stilted. Even worse are your speeches at the dismissal of the departing contestants. It is obvious that you are reading a script. You are mispronouncing words like "egregious." It's humiliating to watch.

theminx: ...not to mention egregious. heh.

We like the "real" you, but not the character that you are playing on Stylista. Please, just be yourself.

Next, the assistant challenges are ridiculous. How were these contestants supposed to know what Anne would like for breakfast, or what she considered her "least flattering" color? Also, would hosting a party for Anne's niece really be part of the job description? Are they applying for a job as Anne's personal assistant? I thought it was a "Junior Editor" position? Do "Junior Editors" really shop for Anne's personal wardrobe? It's just a little hard to believe that these challenges are relevant in any way and the judging is for too arbitrary.

theminx says: they gotta make that "Devil Wore Prada" connection somehow! But at least the book and movie were enjoyable.

A reality show is only as good as the grand prize. I'm not sure what the grand prize job is and at any rate, it doesn't feel like anything that anyone would want.

Then again, that "Flavor of Love" show doesn't offer much of a prize either...

theminx says: now there are some real stylistas! And clocks as jewelry = trendsetting!

The editorial challenges are more interesting, but how about a REAL challenge? The "spreads" that the contestants invent will not actually be in Elle magazine. I'd like it a lot more if they worked on an actual magazine article. Maybe pair them up with editors from the magazines and find out whether their decisions would be the same as the editors. "Which cover photo would you choose?" "What is wrong with this layout?" "Interview this celebrity." For real I mean, not just pretend. That's what the viewer would really like to see.

Here are some ideas for REAL challenges:

"Write ten interview questions for Jennifer Lopez, we're meeting her in 30 minutes."

"Here are two options for the cover photo of the September issue - which is better and why? You have 15 minutes to prepare a one-minute defense of your choice."

theminx says: man, Laura, you're tough!

"Create a Table of Contents for this issue."

theminx says: "Edit this article to be shorter so we have more room for ads in the magazine."

Also, could we please see the REAL Elle offices, not just another reality show set? I'd like to see the real cubicles, the real desks, the real staff and the real closet. I don't care how crappy and crowded and impossible it would be. Just be real.

What's good about the show? Hmmmm... I think the contestants are a good mix. There is certainly enough drama. I like the theme music....

theminx: I'd love some maturity...but I guess that doesn't make for good drama.

So what do you all think? What are your suggestions to make Stylista more watchable, and less of a trainwreck? Or do you think it's perfect just the way it is?