Friday, October 31, 2008


If you missed this week's episode, Buddy TV has their recap up.

And here's another one from Zap2it.

Stylista Fanatic weighs in with their version of the story.

As does
Television Without Pity.

The News Observer's TV blog offers another retelling of the tale.

And Gawker is on crack.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stylista Fashion

Although it's been said that Stylista is a reality show version of The Devil Wore Prada, it's pretty clear after the first two episodes that Anne Slowey isn't the real demon around there (Ashlie would tell you that it's MegAlita). No Prada yet, but here's a look at what some of the assistants wore.

In both episodes, Jason wore a Burberry Giant Icon Scarf.
Johanna wore this Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Bow Dress

She also sported these long leather gloves
And these fabulous "Burlesque" glasses by Dita Eyewear

Kate wore mostly Bebe in Episode one.

Thanks to our friends at SeenON! for the fabulous fashion info!

Stylista Chatter

Here's an amusing article on Anne Slowey and Stylista from the Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) Record.

An article in the Orange County Register mentions Cologne Schmidt, a Newport Beach native.

The Columbia Spectator thinks Stylista lacks substance and is mindless fun.

How about an interview with Joe Zee on the CW11 Morning News?

And here's a video interview between Joe Zee and Jason C from the CW Source.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BCWS Love to Jason

Ah, Jason, we hardly knew you! You had a rough time this week, with a panick attack that frightened all of the contestants. However, you were strong enough and determined enough to return in time for the judging.

Joe Zee didn't think your photographs properly illustrated the point you wanted to get across. But it did seem unfair that you were making suggestions early on that the rest of your team did not want to hear.

Ultimately, the Elle Triumvirate did not think you were the right fit, and so we bid you adieu.

Congratulations to Team 2!

Another team Editorial Challenge this week in which there was great improvement across the board as far as layout and design was concerned., but the win goes to Team 2. Overall, you had the strongest concept, and the page immediately told the readers what it was all about at first glance. Congrats to William, Danielle, and Cologne!

Your Turn to Be the Judge

Another team challenge and another contestant who will not get to stay at Elle any longer. Who do you think should have been ejected?

Click here to tell us who you thought was not the right fit this week.

Reactions to Episode 2

How did the assistants do this week? What did you think of the challenges? And the histrionics?

Welcome to the Stylista Café!

Won't you join me in the café to chat and be catty?

Snark served weekly; unfortunately, the café is a BYOBAS (Bring Your Own Beverage and Snacks!) establishment...

Click "comments" to enter.

How Anne Takes her Coffee

According to last week's coffee poll, we either thought Anne Slowey was terribly high -maintenance (a large extra hot soy latté with an extra shot, two pumps of vanilla and two pumps of hazelnut syrup) or Faux French (Café au lait). Turns out we all would have failed in our mission to bring her the perfect cup of joe. Ms S. drinks only iced lattés, with a small straw.

According to Lesley M. M. Blum in today's Huffington Post, straws cause wrinkles! Here's some advice for Elle's fashion news director:

Throw away the drinking straw.

We all know that if you want to send your looks straight to hell, you'll take up smoking. All of the chemical atrocities aside, even the sucking gesture your mouth makes help to cleave those beastly lines into your upper lip.

Well, sucking on a drinking straw also promotes those wrinkles around your mouth. Not to mention that it looks jejune, and not in a charming way.

But how else are we supposed to drink iced lattes?


It's Wednesday again (already! I must be getting old) and tonight's episode of Stylista promises panic attacks and trips to the hospital. Oh, the drama!

Join theminx in the Stylista Café tonight to chat, whydontcha?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preview Videos - Episode 2

What Anne Slowey Wore

I was always under the impression that Anne Slowey was a bit of a hippie gal, but here she is on Stylista, dressed to the nines! What else besides tottering heels did our Anne wear in episode one?

How about this fab YSL plexiglas star necklace from the Spring 2008 collection?

Do you think she was wearing anything else under that jacket though?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Poll Results for Episode One

Our poll results are in for episode one! We asked you who you think should have been declared "not the right fit" and you disagreed strongly with the judges. Arnaldo didn't get a single vote; instead you chose - Megan! Or is it...Alita?


I'm looking forward to next week's poll already!

Stylista Chatter

From the "Reality? What's That?" Department:

Everyone knows Stylista (the reality show following Elle interns on a quest to assist the magazine's fashion news director Anne Slowey) bears some similarities to The Devil Wears Prada. But we hear the producers have gone out of their way to foster the comparison. "We took some of the furniture from the movie," laughs an on-set source. "The whole thing looks just like the office where Anne Hathaway worked in the movie. And we couldn't shoot the show at Elle's real offices because they're a s--t hole." Meanwhile, Ms. Slowey isn't taking her portrayal as an Anna Wintour–like Dragon Lady too seriously: "It's satire. If you get it, you get it." —FK, NY Post's Page Six Magazine

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stylista Chatter

Vote for the most stylish Stylista in the TRESemme Watch. Vote. Win. sweepstakes!

...and check out Stylista magazine.

Elle's Joe Zee made an alphabetical list of his favorite trends for fall. Love the Alexander McQueen clutch under "C."

Anne Slowey shows off her closet and discusses her personal style in this video on

The CW Source offers a primer on the assistants.

And Malina Joseph offers a recap on her blog, the Wardrobe Diaries.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stylista Chatter

Anne Slowey and Co. celebrate the premiere of Stylista!

Here's a Stylista review in Metromix.

The Fug Girls offer their always-amusing point-of-view on Stylista.

the Cut is positively obsessive about the show.

People Magazine offers a recap of Episode 1.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BCWS Love to Arnaldo

Arnaldo, your team was deemed to have ignored the instructions for the editorial layout, by creating a page with a thirty word description rather than thirty words each. Anne and Joe Zee thought your look was a little too safe and boring. Although they didn't see you embrace the fashion life, that doesn't mean you should give up your dream of being a famous writer.

Note: Only positive comments on this post, please! Any other thoughts belong in our
Reactions post here.

Congratulations Team One!

First, a hearty congratulations to Ashlie for winning the preliminary Assistant Challenge. Anne liked the simplicity of your breakfast tray, and your Brancusi-esque element helped a great deal.

There was no single winner in the Editorial Challenge, however Team One was singled out for the fine job they did on the layout assignment. DyShaun, Ashlie, Cologne, and Johanna - congratulations on impressing the judges with your research and understanding of Elle magazine's art direction and philosophy!

Note: Only positive comments on this post, please! Any other thoughts belong in our Reactions post here.

Your Turn to Be the Judge

Stylista's first challenge was a team challenge, so there was no individual winner - all but one assistant got to stay at Elle for another week. Now it's your turn to be Joe Zee, Anne Slowey, and Kate Lanphear....

Click here to vote for who you thought was not the right fit.


So what did you think of the first episode of Stylista? Was Anne Slowey the villain here, or was it someone else? Discuss amongst yourselves here in the comments!

Stylista Café is Open for Business!

Do make sure you get Anne Slowey's coffee order correct this time....

Join us for some live blogging fun as we follow the trials and tribulations of our intrepid Assistants in this first episode of Stylista! Click on the comments link to join in the fun. :)

Reviews Are Coming In!

Read one here in the NY Times...

...and another at

And don't read them if you don't want to get spoiled a wee bit!


Wednesday has rolled around yet again (thankfully, that happens once a week) and that means it's time for another fab reality show, this one from the CW - Stylista! We here at Blogging Stylista have been looking forward to this day for literally months now, and we hope you have been too.

Join us this evening for a live blog, 9PM Eastern time, to talk about the show as it happens. Be prompt; who knows what Anne Slowey will do if you're late....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Coffee, Tea, or....Your Head?

We know that one Miranda Priestly liked her Starbucks coffee just so. Will Anne Slowey also make demands on the quality and temperature of her java? Tell us what you think!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stylista Chatter

Here's an interview with Anne Slowey in the LA Times...

...and here are a couple more questions from that interview that didn't make it into the Times.

Are you all getting excited about Wednesday's premiere?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stylista Sneak Peek

After watching the first two episodes of Stylista, I am hooked. The challenges are fun, the cast is fabulous and the drama is delicious!

I thought that Anne Slowey would be the "villain," but there is more than enough villainy among the contestants. What a riot. I have already selected my favorites. This show is going to be a blast. I hope you will join us - Wednesday nights at 9:00 on the CW.

Stylista Interview - Danielle

Stylista Interview - Jason

Stylista Interview - DyShaun

Stylista Interview - Kate

Stylista Interview - Johanna

Stylista Interview - Megan

Stylista Interview - Ashlie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stylista Countdown

Stylista debuts one week from tonight, and we at Blogging Stylista are getting excited!

Here's another preview for you, in which Elle creative director Joe Zee meets the contestants for the first time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Preview

Stylista is starting in a few short weeks! Here's another couple of clips to whet your whistle....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stylista Chatter

There's an article on Joe Zee, "The Celeb Whisperer" in Page Six Magazine

Here's one on Cologne from the OC Register.

E! Online thinks Stylista looks "sinfully good."