Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging Stylista at TRESemmé Launch Party

On November 4, TRESemmé launched its Style Seeker Web site. To introduce the site, celebrity style expert Robert Verdi hosted a party that featured brands that fit the Style Seeker profile of affordable fashions and lifestyle treats with maximum impact and minimum remorse.

Blogging Stylista's own NYC Field Reporter, the fabulous Ms Nancy T, attended the party to learn about the website and to tap into her inner Stylista. Nancy had a great time at the event.

"Just so you can see that I was not just in it for the pampering, I bequeath to you each brand’s guidance on upcoming trends:
  • TRESemmé’s hair trend tip – shiny, smooth, and simple hair styles.
  • Timex: The next trend for women’s watches include adaptations of classic and retro men’s watches – larger faces but funkier straps
  • Kodak: inexpensive but high quality digital cameras for on-line sharing, including their M1093 Digital Camera and Zi6 Pocket Video Camera
  • H&M (another Stylista sponsor) is partnering with Comme Des Garçons for bags and apparel. Their holiday trend: a more sophisticated look, including black fitted dresses (including one with bicolor mesh petticoats that I WANT) and black leather skirts
  • CND Nail products (available in salons and beauty supply stores) showed me the runway trend of matching nails to eye makeup color. Color trends: darker shades, whites (but with shine or opalescence to distinguish them from White-Out!) and jewel tones"
Thanks, Nancy, for sharing a peek at your experience with us. I'm dying to check out the H&M/Comme des Garçons bags!

Check out Robert Verdi's Luxe Lounge below - that television is HUGE!