Monday, November 10, 2008

Anne in her Unmentionables

Anne Slowey was interviewed by the NY Observer at a recent party for the opening of a new flagship Juicy Couture shop in NY. Is Ms Slowey merely quirky, or maybe a little...?
Stylista judge and Elle fashion editor Anne Slowey, whose patent leather six-inch platforms drew whispers from the humbly dressed editorial assistants in the room, was amused by the kitschy decor.

"I was just saying that the store is twisted and perverse in that Argento '70s slasher film sort of way," she said. "I keep waiting for one of these ballerinas to freak out with a shard of glass."

We wondered whether Ms. Slowey picks up her carefully prepared lattes on Saturdays in a pair of Juicy sweats.

"No, no. I don't have anything with letters in my closet," said Ms. Slowey. "I'm actually on strike right now at the office until they turn the heat down. I keep a rack of clothes in my office and I'm wearing the same leggings and tank top every day. We're going on about two and half weeks and I'm refusing to change or wash my clothes."

We couldn't figure out if the typically well-kept Ms. Slowey was joking.

"No, really! No one has taken me seriously and it's so hot in the office that I'm in, like, pajamas. It would actually be a step up for me if I got a pair of clean, fresh Juicy sweats," the fashion editor continued. "I haven't gone so far as to bring lingerie, a nightie and bathrobe into the office, but maybe that should be my next move. I've made everyone aware that I won't dress until they turn down the heat!"