Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet William

Age: 26
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Market Editor for Maxim Magazine
Education: Studied cooking and music technology before returning to a university in Oxford to study English literature. Worked as the fashion correspondent for the university publication.
Interests: Fashion first and foremost, of course! Followed by English literature, poetry, language, words. I love to travel, to immerse myself in different cultures. I love food and wine and exploring the world through food. I enjoy architecture, art, painting, sculpture, music, old movies and musicals.
Fashion Icons/Designers: I love stylists Andrea Lieberman and Patricia Field. I love Steven Klein; his photography is amazing. I love Tom Ford, Thome Brown, Marc Jacobs, the Heatherette boys, Richie and Traver.
Image courtesy of the CW